Email Marketing

Powerful Email Marketing Tools

UNISYME INC offers the email solutions you need to send an email the right way.

Why do all the hard work yourselves? Put your trust in our experts and use their experience to maximise your email marketing. Emailmovers in-house platform has been developed specifically to deliver B2B prospect data for our clients, using correctly coded designs, created by our experienced designs.

Having been in the industry for over 16 years, we’ve gained a wealth of experience and understanding as to what makes an email campaign successful. Our designs exceed the recommendations set out by the DMA and conform to all best practice guidelines.

  • Subject lines – Split testing and finding the best subject line to get higher open rates
  • From fields – Decide who your email appears to come from
  • Design orientation – Creating the best layout and design to promote your service
  • Message content – Advice on choosing the correct tone/language
  • Delivery planning – Deciding on the best possible times and days for delivery